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Q: How do I order?
A: https://evolvestone.com/how-to-buy/

Q: I'd like to become a Distributor, how do I get started?
A: Please visit https://evolvestone.com/become-a-dealer/ for details.

Q: How do I request a sample?
A: Please visit https://evolvestone.com/contact-us/

Q: What is your return policy?
A: Evolve Stone currently doesn't accept returns. Please contact your Distributor.

Q: Does the product come with a warranty?
A: Evolve Stone comes with a 50-year, limited warranty.

Q: Are custom colors available?
A: Depending on quantity ordered, custom colors are available on a case by case scenario.

Q: Are color blends available?
A: Proportioned color blends are not currently available but can be achieved by combining two different colors of the same style.

Q: Does Winter Valley have color variations?
A: Expect the color to have slight variations of off-white. This is not a monotone color. Per the Install Guide, make sure to blend multiple boxes together before installation.

Q: Can Evolve Stone be power washed?
A: Yes and NO. The actual stone itself can handle being power washed on a lower pressure setting at a conservative distance BUT there is the chance the WRB and rainscreen could be damaged in the process. We suggest cleaning with a mild detergent and soft bristled brush.

Q: Are backs of the stone perfectly flat?
A: Because of the nature of our material, the backs of the stones are not always flat. This is normal and should still allow for proper installation. Add additional nails if needed to remove any movement.

Q: Do stone colors vary from box to box?
A: Stone surface accents are always changing but the hues should remain consistent. If for some reason you get a box that looks slightly different than another, try mixing them together for a natural look. Feel free to call our Customer Service department with any questions.

Q: Is a WRB and Rainscreen required for interior applications?
A: No, as long as the stones are inside and face no exterior conditions. We suggest the substrate be a black or grey so the substrate isn't highly visible if there are gaps between the stones.

Q: What if some stones are broken in the box?
A: Stones if broken can still easily be used. Treat each part of the stone separately in regards to the nailing pattern. Broken stones may also be set aside and used in areas where cuts are needed. If the box has excessive broken stones, please contact your Distributor.

Q: Is there a preferred substrate color?
A: We suggest using a black or grey. This pertains to rainscreens for exterior applications and wall color for interior installs.

Q: What is the thickness of Evolve Stone?
A: Stones vary in depth between 3/8" to 1 ¼" thick with a median thickness between 5/8" and ¾". Surface angulation helps maintain natural texture and depth.

Q: How is Evolve Stone installed?
A: In most cases, Evolve Stone installs using a finish nail gun and stainless-steel finish nails. Some substrates may require an alternate installation method. See our installation instructions for details.

Q: Should I blend multiple boxes together?
A: Yes, It is recommended that you open multiple boxes at a time and blend stones together.

Q: Does it require any special installation training to use Evolve Stone?
A: No special training is required. Read our installation instructions thoroughly and watch our instruction video before beginning.

Q: Do the finish nails need to hit studs?
A: No, they don't. Follow the nail pattern requirements in the Installation Guide.

Q: Are specialty tools needed?
A: In most cases Evolve Stone uses standard wood working tools to install.

Q: Do I need a special cutting blade?
A: A general cutting blade works. Use a carbide blade if lots of cuts are required.

Q: Do I need to order more than my project requires to account for waste and breakage?
A: Evolve Stone has minimal waste and breakage. You should estimate 3% more just in case.

Q: Can Evolve Stone be installed in areas prone to water such as a basement stairwell?
A: Yes it can. Please note that areas prone to water contact can leave minerals and dirt behind on the surface of the stone through prolonged exposure and evaporation. If this occurs, clean the surface with soap and water using a light bristled brush. If a film still remains, use a product such as Thompson WaterSeal to restore vibrance. Keep in mind the drainage/drying gap should always be maintained.

Q: What type of adhesive should I use for exterior installation?
A: It is recommended that an exterior grade primer and adhesive be used. We recommend Tremco TremGrip adhesive with Vulkum 171 primer. Primer should be used on the both the stone and substrate. A few test stones should be installed first to confirm adhesion. Remember to only use vertical beads and to follow all surface preparation guidelines per the adhesive manufacturers' guidelines. If adhesion is still an issue, trying lightly sanding the substrate that is not bonding well.

Q: How much adhesive should I order?
A: A general rule is (3) 10oz tubes of TremGrip per box of stones. 1 qt of Vulkum 171 is recommended per (10) tubes of adhesive. When in doubt, order a few extra tubes.

Q: What screws do you recommend for sills over OSB/Plywood?
A: Self tapping stainless steel trim finish head screws are recommended. 3.5" or 4" length. Look at GRK Fasteners.

Q: How do you recommend installing sills over concrete?
A: We recommend using vertical beads of adhesive in conjunction with a galvanized "L" bracket such as a Simpson A21 installed on the bottom of the sill and the wall itself. 2 brackets should be used per sill.

Q: Can the product be installed behind a wood stove?
A: Yes, but per code the wood stove should be a minimum 36" from the stone face. Remember to always use our Fire-rate product indoors

Q: Can high-strength cellulosic fiber board be used?
A: No it can't. For exterior applications we require a 7/16" minimum OSB or Plywood.

Q: Can the product be used as a kitchen backsplash?
A: Yes, Evolve Stone can be used as a kitchen backsplash. Please keep in mind the product has lots of natural surface textures which may prove hard to clean in heavy splash areas. Evolve is not responsible for any surface staining. Outside of soap and water, harsh cleaners such as bleach are not recommended. Evolve can't be installed anywhere a non combustible material is required by code. 

Q: Can Evolve be used at a Fireplace?
A: Yes. For any interior application, make sure to purchase our Fire-rated material. Regarding a fireplace, make sure you don't use the material inside the firebox or on the hearth. If the fireplace is open burning, a non-combustible material gap needs to be maintained. There are multiple companies on the market that make metal firebox trim kits specifically for this reason.

Q: Can Evolve be used over a concrete foundation?
A: Yes it can. Make sure to read our Installation Guide prior to installation.

Q: What length and type of finish nail should I use?
A: Finish nails should be long enough to penetrate ¼" through the back of the structural sheathing. Finish nails should be 304 grade stainless steel for standard exterior installation. In the case of coastal environments or area with high concentrations of salt in the air, 316 grade stainless steel is recommended.

Q: What type of finish nail should I use?
- For Interior installation we recommend galvanized finish nails. 
- For Standard Exterior conditions we recommend 304 grade stainless steel. 
- For Extreme Exterior conditions such as coastal environments or areas with corrosive airborne particles we recommend 316 grade stainless steel.

Q: How many finish nails should I purchase per square foot of stone?
- Georgetown Run - minimum 10 to 12
- District View - minimum 20 to 22
- Capital Sky - minimum 13 to 15
- National True - minimum 7 to 10

Q: The outside corner stone has a "wobble". What can I do?
A: From time to time the wall itself or the actual corner piece can be out of square. To fix this, apply a few vertical beads of exterior caulk or exterior adhesive (this will act as a shim) to the low side prior to pin nailing.

Q: Can Evolve Stone be installed in a shower?
A: Yes and No. While the material can handle the application, the natural surface textures make it difficult to clean. Outside of soap and water, harsh bathroom cleaners such as bleach are not recommended. Because of this, use inside a shower is not recommended.

Q: Can stone size heights vary from corner stones to field stones?
A: Height of corner stones may be slightly taller than field stones at times. Adjust corner stone height before installing as needed or use guidelines to help split the size difference.

Q: What Water Resistive Barriers (WRB) can I use?
A: Water resistive barriers (WRB) must comply with ASTM E2556 Type I or Type II. Make sure the WRB is installed correctly, meets code, and the system is water tight and weather resistant.

Q: Can a Drainable Housewrap be used as both a WRB and Rainscreen?
A: No it can't.

Q: Can the product be in contact with the ground?                                                       A: Yes. That said, make sure that your substrate is appropriate for ground contact and that in no way drainage is impeded.

Q: How light is Evolve Stone?
A: Evolve Stone weighs approximately 2 lbs per square foot. 

Q: Does Evolve Stone fade?

A: Bluntly, yes it does. Everything fades. It would be normal for the product to undergo a “UV shock” phase within the first 3 months to 3 years dependent upon UV exposure levels. Adjacent reflective surfaces and extreme environments may intensify this. After this “UV shock” phase we find the material becoming stable, continuing to be UV resistant. It would be common for darker colors to turn lighter, while lighter colors turn darker. After an extended period of time, color may be revitalized using masonry staining techniques.

Q: How does Evolve Stone perform in harsh weather?
A: The Evolve material is UV resistant, Per ASTM testing it shows no effects when exposed to salt spray during testing, shows no effects when exposed to freeze-thaw cycles during testing, does not retain water, minimal expansion/contraction, and performs extremely well under wind loading.

Q: What happens if it chips or breaks?
A: Evolve Stone is colored throughout, not just on the surface. Chipped pieces can be retextured with a hammer. See our "Pro Tips" video for more information and a visual demonstration.

Q: Does Evolve offer a fire rated product?
A: Yes, we have a Class B rated product that is made to order.

Q: Is Evolve Stone ICC-ES listed?
A: Yes, our publication number is ESR3970 for Non-Rated products and ESL1247 for Fire-Rated products.

Q: How are shipping costs calculated?
A: Evolve stone calculates shipping on a case by case scenario using market best practices. Please call Customer Service with any questions.

Q: How many square feet of stone comes in a box?
A: Each box contains 14.25 square feet of stone.

Q: How much does a box of stone weigh?
A: 30 to 35 lbs.

Q: How many corners come in one box?
A: 7 linear feet per box

Q: How many sills come in a box?
A: 15 sills come in a box. Each sill is 20" long.

Q: How many square feet come on a full pallet?
A: 684 sqft can ship on a full pallet

Q: What is a full pallet dimension and weight?
A: Length x Width x Height = 48"x45"x96" at 1,760 lbs.

Q: Are pallets stackable?
A: Pallets are NOT stackable

Q: My shipment was damaged in transit, who do I contact?
A: Please contact your Distributor directly.

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