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Georgetown Run


Product Overview

Arguably Evolve Stone’s most stately style, Georgetown Run includes the largest individual stones when compared with the other styles in the collection. Inspired by architecture lining the streets of the historic Georgetown district in Washington, D.C., this style is beautifully diverse and comprised of stones with varied heights and varied lengths.

Color: Dune Point

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  • Phantom Shadow Button

Stone Dimensions

14.25 Sq. Ft. per Box

Smallest Size:  Approx. 1 ¾" x 5"
Largest Size: Approx. 7" x 10"

Universal sill pieces are available in all five colors and can be installed with any of our stone styles and 90 degree outside corner pieces are available for each style and color combination.

Image represents a style, not a pattern.

Non-rated and Class B fire rated options available

Evolve Stone Georgetown run
  • Mortarless stone veneer
  • Lightweight composition
  • Applicable for interior and exterior projects
  • Installs with a finish nailer and finish nails
  • Color-throughout proprietary material
  • Moisture impermeable—will not hold moisture against structure
  • Extremely durable, reducing breakage during shipping and installation
  • Workability—can be cut to fit on-site
  • Performs extremely well under wind loading
  • No effects when exposed to salt spray or freeze/thaw cycles
  • UV resistant
  • No specialized labor training required

Explore Evolve Stone’s Full Line Brochure, Style and Color Guide or Installation Instructions. Still have questions? Check out our resources page for additional information and to peruse our FAQ section!

Style Video Guide

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covers all the bases

May 9, 2022

I’m a General Contractor, this product changed the stone veneer game. This looks as close to real stone as i have ever seen. I have done multiple interiors and a few exteriors. All in Vermont, the exterior jobs have not had any issues, they were installed as the manufacturer suggested, with the hard winters and high winds in the area I was concerned but now I’m sold. Unless the customer wants the cost and mess of real stone this is all I will use. I’m so confident that it is being installed on my home both inside and out.

Gene Pategas

Game Changer

April 7, 2022

I am a young homeowner modernizing my first home (nowhere near a professional). Evolve stone was a breeze to put up. I used it to refinish my fireplace and it turned what was bound to be a long and painful process if I had used conventional stone veneer into a 2-3 hour enjoyable time. The ability to use tools I already had, a miter saw and brad nailer, saved me a ton of money and elbow grease. I look forward to new stuff from Evolve Stone and promise I’ll be using it again in the future. Thanks Evolve Stone!

Joe Klabo

Home bar

April 12, 2021

After researching a few different types of stone for my bar I went with Evolve because of the ease of cutting and nailing. Evolve stone did not disappoint. It is everything that it is advertised. I cut with a regular 12” chop saw, table saw & jig saw. And nailed it with my Ryobi cordless nail gun. The nails sunk and could not see the nail holes.Some ppl say the cost is expensive but when you compare to other faux stone the price is pretty close and evolve doesn’t feel like plastic like others feels like real stone. And compared to real stone you don’t need all the specialty tools to cut, no cement or mortar, no cement board to stick to, and no mason experience. Plus the time to install is probably half the time of real stone. And time is money. Weather your a builder or a homeowner I would definitely recommend this for your next project.

Ed Marra

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