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How to Buy

Calculate the Cost of Your Next Project

Calculate the Cost of Your Next Project

Understand the Scope and Value of Using Evolve Stone

Using our cost calculator, you can easily estimate how much your first – or next – project with Evolve Stone will cost. If you haven’t worked with Evolve Stone mortarless stone veneer, get ready to be impressed. It’s the only mortarless, color-throughout stone veneer that installs up to 10X faster than other stone veneers and is a fraction of the weight of its competitors. No messy mortar. No special installation skills. Evolve Stone looks and feels like real stone and installs with the ease of a finish nailer. After you calculate costs, choose from among five distinct colors and five stunning stone styles and prepare to nail it.

How To Determine Square Footage and Linear Feet For Your Next Project

Are you embarking on a home improvement journey and need to calculate square footage or linear feet accurately? Look no further!

*The cost calculator is an approximation based on Evolve Stone averages and cost estimates are not guaranteed. This cost may differ once the specific requirements for your project are determined.

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