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Can Evolve Stone be used on a fireplace?


A lot of you have been asking whether or not Evolve Stone can be used on a fireplace. We are pleased to say that in most cases you can! However, as a specialty composite, patented Evolve material’s physical properties are very different from traditional stone or cementitious stone alternatives. For this reason, there are some differences in the way you can use Evolve Stone versus real stone surrounding a fireplace. We offer a class B fire rated product. Always check your local building code to ensure you are following all guidelines and safety regulations.

What Evolve Stone products do I need?

If you are working on an indoor or outdoor fireplace, or any interior project, you will need to order our class B fire rated product. Each combination of our stone styles, colors, and accessories is available in both non-rated and class B fire rated versions. When you place your order, be sure to specify you need fire rated products. While non-rated products are generally readily available, fire-rated products are made to order and may require additional lead time.

How do I use Evolve Stone around a fireplace properly?

Regarding a fireplace, make sure you don’t use the material inside the firebox or on the hearth. If the fireplace is open burning, a non-combustible material gap needs to be maintained. There are multiple companies on the market that make metal firebox trim kits specifically for this reason. Again, you’ll want to verify with your local building code official that you are using the class B product correctly.

Can the product be installed behind a wood stove?

Yes, but in order to be compliant with building code, the wood stove should be a minimum 36″ from the stone face. Remember to always use our fire-rate product indoors, regardless of the intended application.

Still have questions about using Evolve Stone for your fireplace? Get in touch, or email your questions to info@evolvestone.com. We have customer service available for both general and technical installation support.

Real Evolve Stone fireplace projects
 Many Evolve Stone users have been sending us pictures of their own fireplace installations, both professionally done and do-it-yourself home projects. Below are some of our favorites that have come in. Want to see yours featured? Send it in to info@evolvestone.com!