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    What We Mean by “Workability”

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    In This Article
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      Evolve Stone’s proprietary material provides increased workability that far exceeds other artificial stone, easy-to-install systems and/or natural stone. Forget expensive prefabricated accessories, over ordering for waste, and creating unsightly details around preexisting obstacles in the field. Create your own custom solutions without sacrificing cosmetic appeal with Evolve Stone.

      Perkins Builder Brothers said it best—the material cuts like balsa wood. It’s so easy to work with, and you don’t need to go out and buy specialty tools. Use your standard woodworking tools to cut, texture, scroll, dremel and manipulate to whatever shape you want.

      Have some detailed trim already installed? Put up Evolve Stone right against it. Just trace your pattern on the stone and scroll it out like you would with a piece of wood.

      Coming across a corner that isn’t 90 degrees? Just make your own. View how.→ Is there an obstruction or light box in the middle of your installation field? Just cut right around it. Have a circular saw? Problem solved.

      Wasting material due to exposed cuts? Utilize every inch by texturing your own edges:

      There are so many scenarios in a standard installation where interruptions can occur. If you’re using Evolve Stone, you can fly through whatever customization is required without slowing down or complicating the process. Nail your installation in record time!

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