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    The Top Mortarless Stone Ideas For Your Home

    Top Mortarless Stone Veneer Designs for Your Home
    In This Article
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      Homeowners who love the beauty and history of natural stone in or on their home may not love the cost of the material, as it’s an expensive choice for exterior (and even interior) building products. But the homeowners who appreciate the look and feel of stone have options that can satisfy their desire for the stone look, but without the stone price. 

      Manufactured stone veneer, particularly mortarless stone veneer (a DIY favorite!), delivers the beauty and appeal of natural stone and has many interior and exterior applications that homeowners can embrace—particularly when it increases their home’s aesthetic and delivers a significant return on investment. 

      Mortarless stone veneer offers the beauty and appeal of natural stone at a more affordable price.

      Exterior Designs with Mortarless Stone Veneer 

      Traditional Charm 

      Even those who don’t live on a farm can appreciate the rustic and simplistic beauty of farmhouse style. And those who live in suburbia can still appreciate the vibe of a cottage. What’s most important is paying attention to details, such as displays of collected items, more neutral colors, welcoming places to sit (think benches), wooden cabinets, barn doors, painted chairs and, of course, stone veneer both on interior and exterior surfaces.  

      For the exterior entrance, stone veneer on a curbside mailbox or porch pillar says rustic without going overboard into wild, wild West décor. (If wild is what is wanted, stone veneer can go there, too, by adding depth, character and a rough and rugged feel.) 

      Add character to a cottage-style home by crafting a porch lined with stone veneer or posts covered in stone veneer. Add a curved stone path leading up to the home’s front porch, or simple posts by the front door. Since, according to Better Homes and Gardens magazine, “chimneys often feature prominently in cottage house plans,” make that work with stone veneer on the chimney to cover a less attractive board and batten siding. 

      Enhance the elegance of a colonial-inspired exterior by placing stone veneer where traditional brick might go. For inspiration, see curb appeal ideas for colonial style homes from better Homes and Gardens. 

      It can be used for both interior and exterior applications, enhancing the aesthetics of any space.

      Modern Aesthetics 

      Homeowners can achieve a sleek and contemporary look with minimalist designs using mortarless stone veneer and incorporate mortarless stone veneer into any modern architectural style. The trend today is away from visible grout joints and jagged spacing, which fits seamlessly with mortarless stone veneer. If modern, but organic, is the vibe, then stone veneer can create it with depth and texture, yet uniformity of color (if desired). 

      Create a striking contrast with a mix of materials, including wood accents combined with stacked stone veneer on any exterior. If most of a home’s exterior is vinyl or synthetic polymer siding, add stone veneer around the entryway or around columns. If a foundation is exposed, cover it with mortarless stone veneer and boost the home’s visual appeal almost instantly. 

      Natural Beauty 

      Mortarless stone veneer blends seamlessly with nature-inspired exteriors. If a homeowner envisions a nature-soaked theme, including thick bushes and flowering vines or multiple trees, consider where stone could complete the texture and be present even when the trees and shrubs aren’t in bloom or full of leaves.  

      Evolve Stone mortarless stone veneer offers styles, such as Georgetown Run or Capital Sky, that offer a rich complexity of patterns and colors, such as Morning Aspen or Phantom Shadow, which offer a palette of colors hat’s perfect for complementing a natural aesthetic.  

      Mortarless stone veneer can be combined with other materials to create striking contrasts and boost curb appeal.

      Interior Designs with Mortarless Stone Veneer  

      Fireplace Transformations 

      One of the easiest ways to add appeal to a home using stone veneer is around a fireplace, or fireplace ledge. A stone fireplace inherently adds warmth and enhances the focal point of a room, whether that’s a family or living room. All of these fireplace styles presented in The Spruce can be created with mortarless stone veneer. 

      Accent Walls 

      Homeowners can create a stunning feature wall with mortarless stone veneer in every room, but it’s particularly striking in a bathroom or bedroom, such as those featured in this blog – complete with photos. An accent wall provides an opportunity to explore distinct patterns and textures that bring dimension to any room in a home. 

      Evolve Stone mortarless veneer siding stone veneer accent wall ideas
      RELATED: Get Inspired With These Stone Veneer Accent Wall Ideas

      Consider an accent wall in the bath or kitchen to start, or combine stone veneer walls, high wooden-beamed ceilings, and bright patterned prints scattered around the room. Consider these farmhouse style ideas from Architectural Digest. Know that narrow horizontal rows of stone veneer create a uniform wall, but add dimension with texture and complexity. 

      Kitchen Elegance 

      Stone veneer can work in a kitchen, just as it does in a bath or bedroom, on an accent wall. One of the best applications of stone veneer in a kitchen comes with its use as a backsplash, as a countertop, or on an island bar. A rustic-themed kitchen really benefits from the rugged good looks of a stone veneer backsplash. It provides an expensive look without the actual costs of real stone. 

      Mortarless stone veneer can be used in the kitchen for a touch of luxury.

      Evolve Stone can be used as a kitchen backsplash. Keep in mind that the product has lots of natural surface textures, which may prove hard to clean in heavy splash areas, but outside of soap and water, harsh cleaners such as bleach are not required or recommended. 

      Bathroom Oasis 

      Stone veneer can add a touch of luxury in the bathroom, whether the style is farmhouse or modern. (Stone veneer bathroom walls and other options are feasible because stone veneer is water resistant.) Surround a sleek and smooth free-standing tub with the rugged character of a stone veneer and create visual interest. Use stone veneer as a sink backsplash, just as it can be used in a kitchen. 

      The spa-like atmosphere possible with stone-inspired designs is an invitation to any homeowner after a long day to relax in a tranquil retreat and appreciate the natural spirit of stone veneer. 


      If stone veneer is the choice for a homeowners exterior or interior project, consider what needs to be done for installation. If Evolve Stone is the choice, installation is easy, as the stone veneer is lightweight. In most cases, Evolve Stone installs using a finish nail gun and stainless-steel finish nails. (Some substrates may require an alternate installation method. See the company’s installation instructions for details.) See installation instructions here. 

      Mortarless stone veneer installation is relatively easy and lightweight, suitable for DIY projects.

      Masonry Magazine also has an extensive installation guide (or check YouTube!), but consult with the company of a chosen stone veneer for installation specifics.  

      Maintenance and Care 

      The first rule of stone veneer care is to inspect it regularly. Put inspection times on a calendar, just like you would the replacement of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. If there’s a problem, early detection is key. Look for loose or damaged pieces and address them immediately. Make certain the stone veneer’s manufacturer guidelines are understood, particularly the warranties. 

      Regular inspection and proper cleaning ensure the longevity and beauty of mortarless stone veneer.

      For cleaning, mortarless stone veneer needs no more than a gentle cleanser for spot cleaning. A solution of white vinegar and dish soap works wonders, just be sure to rinse any soapy residue with clean water. Do not use wire brushes or steel wool to clean stone veneer, even a small area, as they can both scratch the surface. 

      Areas prone to water contact can leave minerals and dirt behind on the surface of the stone through prolonged exposure and evaporation. If this occurs, clean the surface with soap and water using a light bristled brush. If a film still remains, use a product such as Thompson WaterSeal to restore vibrance. Keep in mind the drainage/drying gap should always be maintained. 

      Mortarless stone veneer siding is a versatile, long-lasting and durable building material. Manufacturers’ warranties range from 20 to 75 years. (Evolve Stone offers a 50-year warranty.) When it’s installed properly, mortarless stone veneer is nearly maintenance free and enhances both interior and exterior spaces with character and knockout appeal. 

      Explore Possibilities With Evolve Stone

      No matter what stone veneer inspiration a homeowner or contractor finds to enhance a home or small commercial building, Evolve Stone can bring the vision to life. 

      When homeowners want to project a style of strength, composure, longevity and stability, they can invite Evolve Stone veneer into their home. Proven durability, no matter the climate, and ease-of-installation make Evolve Stone an enviable element to display on any home’s exteriors or within any room. DIYers can lift, move, position and place Evolve Stone easily with little fuss and muss. No fancy equipment or expensive work crews needed. 


      Can mortarless stone veneer be used on both interior and exterior surfaces?

      Yes, mortarless stone veneer can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces. Its versatility allows it to be applied to various areas such as accent walls, fireplaces, facades, and more, enhancing the aesthetics of both indoor and outdoor spaces.

      How long does mortarless stone veneer typically last?

      While mortarless stone veneer offers many benefits, it’s important to consider the weight limitations of the surface where it will be applied. It’s also crucial to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations for installation, as improper installation can affect the performance and longevity of the veneer.

      Are there any limitations to using mortarless stone veneer?

      While mortarless stone veneer offers many benefits, it’s important to consider the weight limitations of the surface where it will be applied. It’s also crucial to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations for installation, as improper installation can affect the performance and longevity of the veneer.

      Can I install mortarless stone veneer myself, or should I hire a professional?

      Mortarless stone veneer can be installed by homeowners who possess the necessary skills and tools, as it is designed for simpler installation compared to traditional stone veneer. However, for complex projects or if you lack experience, it’s advisable to hire a professional to ensure proper installation and achieve the desired results.

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