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    The Beauty and Ease of Engineered Stone Patterns

    Evolve Stone mortarless veneer siding georgetown run and district view template
    In This Article
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      If you browse our products, have downloaded the installation instructions, or have ever ordered a box of Evolve Stone, you’ll notice that we have pattern drawings included with each style.


      These drawings are intended to be guidelines, but don’t have to be replicated exactly. Our stone styles are designed to be installed quickly, without making the installer stop to pay attention to aesthetics. As you install, if you pull stones from the box at random, the patterns will naturally emerge with a small degree of variation. Some masonry products require you to sort stone shapes prior to installing and follow pattern guidelines. Evolve Stone was designed to be simple and easy to install, allowing people who aren’t stone professionals to soar through installations while still achieving cosmetic excellence. It is still a good idea to keep these basic guidelines in mind as you install your stone:

      1. Avoid Creating Vertical Seams
      This means you don’t want to allow too many stones of the same length to be stacked on top of each other. This makes your installation look repetitive or panelized. Try to break the seams every 2 to 3 rows, depending on the total size of the installation field. Note: for styles that have varying heights like Potomac Trail, Georgetown Run and Capital Sky you will also want to avoid long horizontal seams.

      2. Separate Alike Stones
      In each pattern, there are several different size stones that come together to create the pattern. When installing a stone, take a quick look to make sure there’s not a stone of the exact same size right beside, above or below the one you are installing.

      3. Check Your Level Guidelines Periodically
      Every once and a while, check to make sure your installation is level. Follow these guidelines, and your installation will be a breeze. That’s the beauty and ease of Evolve Stone!

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