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    How to Install a Faux Stone Accent Wall with Evolve Stone

    Evolve Stone mortarless veneer siding how to install a faux stone accent wall
    In This Article
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      First, Imagine

      Evolve Stone mortarless veneer offers a versatile and advanced solution for creating stunning accent walls that can transform any residential or commercial space. Before starting an installation, determine what would be considered ideal in the space, be it indoors or outdoors, residential or commercial, a new feature, or the reimagining of an older one. Finding inspiration for using Evolve Stone in this context involves exploring various design elements, considering the features of the material and envisioning how it can complement the overall aesthetic of a room.

      To begin, it’s easy to draw inspiration from the inherent characteristics of Evolve Stone. Its natural look and texture mimic the appearance of authentic stone, providing an opportunity to bring the outdoors inside. Consider incorporating earthy tones and organic shapes in your design to enhance the connection with nature if that’s a desire. Look at images of natural stone formations, such as cliffs, riverbeds or mountains, for inspiration on color schemes and patterns. Explore different architectural styles and design trends to identify how Evolve Stone can contribute to contemporary, rustic or even industrial aesthetics.

      Whether you are aiming for a modern minimalist approach or a more traditional look, Evolve Stone’s adaptability allows for a wide range of creative expression.

      Pinterest, design magazines and online platforms such as Instagram can be valuable sources for inspiration. Search for interior design projects that showcase Evolve Stone as an accent wall and take note of the creative ways others have used the material. Look for diverse applications, such as entire accent walls, fireplace surrounds or even textured feature panels.

      Experiment with contrasting materials and textures to create visual interest. Consider pairing Evolve Stone with sleek metals, warm woods or soft textiles to achieve a balanced and harmonious design. Don’t be afraid to mix and match styles, as Evolve Stone’s timeless appeal can seamlessly integrate into various design schemes.

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      Finding  inspiration for using Evolve Stone mortarless stone veneer for accent walls involves a combination of exploring the material’s distinctive qualities, researching design trends and leveraging online resources to spark creativity. The key is to envision how Evolve Stone can enhance a space and reflect a personal style.

      Start the Installation

      Gather the necessary materials to ensure a smooth and efficient process before you get going, including the Evolve Stone installation guidelines.

      Installing Evolve Stone mortarless stone veneer is a straightforward process.

      Materials Needed

      • Evolve stone product: Purchase the required amount based on the project’s dimensions. Remember to add 3% for waste. Choose from among five distinct Evolve Stone colors and five stunning stone styles.
      • Finish nailer and nails or adhesive/primer: Depending on the substrate, choose between attaching the stones using nails or adhesive/primer. Ensure the finish nailer is compatible with the material. 16 or 18-gauge nailer can be used on interior projects w/ 2″ galvanized nails (at least 1/4″ penetration through the substrate).
      • Appropriate substrate: The substrate varies based on the surface. Select the suitable attachment method, whether it’s nails or adhesive, depending on whether the surface is wood or masonry/concrete. The substrate should be painted black/dark grey so to avoid any color coming through the seams between the stones
      • Standard woodworking tools: Essential tools such as a cutting saw, measuring tape and a level are a must  for precision and accurate installation. (And remember the proper personal protective equipment.)

      Installation Steps

      1. Lay out stones: Arrange some stones on the floor to envision the style and design in 3D. Use instructional videos to gain a visual understanding of each style.
      2. Start installation: Begin attaching Evolve Stone to the substrate using the chosen method. Follow the recommended guidelines for spacing and alignment.
      3. Make necessary cuts: Use standard woodworking tools, such as a cutting saw,  to make any required cuts for corners, edges or specific design requirements.
      4. Tap stones with a hammer: Tap the stones gently with a hammer to ensure they are securely in place and to address any imperfections. This step also allows for minor adjustments to maintain a cohesive appearance.
      5. Check with level: Regularly check the installation using a level to ensure the stones are aligned correctly and maintain a consistent horizontal and vertical orientation.
      Layout some stones on the floor so you can familiarize yourself with the style prior to attachment. See videos showing each style.
      man with yellow nailgun begins to install faux stone veneer onto wall
      Start installing Evolve Stone on your substrate.
      close up of person cutting evolve stone piece to size with saw
      Make any cuts that are needed with your standard woodworking tools.
      close up of level above grey stone as person adjusts the veneer with their hands
      Ensure to continually check your installation with a level.
      By following these steps and utilizing the appropriate materials and tools, installing Evolve Stone becomes a manageable and rewarding project.

      For a visual description, consider this YouTube video on interior installation.

      If You’re Taking it Outside

      When embarking on the installation of an accent wall, it is crucial to recognize the distinctive considerations for interior versus exterior applications. Interior installations typically entail a simpler set of requirements compared to their exterior counterparts. When working with an interior wall, concerns such as a Weather-Resistant Barrier (WRB), Rainscreen, or the use of stainless-steel fasteners are typically unnecessary. But, when transitioning to exterior walls, a more comprehensive approach becomes imperative.

      External installations demand a meticulous examination of factors such as climate, exposure to the elements and the incorporation of protective measures such as a WRB and rainscreen system. These elements become pivotal in safeguarding the longevity and structural integrity of the accent wall against external elements, including rain, wind and temperature fluctuations.

      A proper understanding of these considerations is paramount and a detailed installation guide is indispensable for ensuring a successful exterior application. For those seeking quick installation tips, a reliable starting point is often the installation guide provided by Evolve Stone. It acts as a comprehensive resource, covering essential considerations. It is also key to ensure that the substrate chosen is suitable for the intended use and that the correct adhesive, primer or finish nails are employed. Further detail can be found in Evolve Stone blogs.

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      Maintaining precision during installation is crucial and the use of a level, laser level or chalk line helps to establish horizontal guidelines. Haphazard approaches during installation is strongly discouraged. Adhere to the provided instructions for the best results.

      Flexibility is an intriguing facet of Evolve Stone installation. The mortarless stone veneer can be installed from the bottom-up or top-down. Unlike traditional systems, gravity is not a limiting factor, which allows for greater flexibility in starting where visibility matters most and strategically concealing any necessary cuts.

      Resist the temptation to “wing it” and instead thoroughly review the provided instructions. This careful approach ensures that each step is executed with precision, contributing to a flawless installation.

      Watching pattern videos is an additional piece of advice, as they provide valuable tips that enhance overall installation. While the pattern may naturally emerge, these insights can help navigate potential challenges and elevate the final aesthetic outcome. A thoughtful and meticulous approach, coupled with adherence to provided guidelines, is the key to a successful installation, whether for interior or exterior accent walls.

      Dealing with Distinctive Spaces and Cuts

      When dealing with individualized spaces and cuts with Evolve Stone, consider the following tips:

      Angled ceilings

      Precision is key when faced with an angled ceiling. Determine the angle of the ceiling and set your saw to match that angle. This ensures a seamless fit and a professional finish. Cutting the stones with the correct angle will make installation easier and enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the project.


      Creating a template is a smart approach when dealing with archways. Craft a stencil out of cardboard or construction paper that mirrors the shape of the arch. Lay the stones face down in a tight pattern and place the template over them. Trace the template onto the backs of the stones, numbering them for easy identification. Use a band saw or a multi-tool blade to make precise cuts, ensuring the stones fit seamlessly into the archway. This method ensures a consistent and visually appealing result.

      Visible Cuts

      To conceal visible cuts effectively, strategic orientation is essential. Place the stones in a way that hides the cut edges, such as flipping the cut edge to face the inside of the trim. This technique prevents the cut sections from standing out, maintaining a polished appearance. If the cut will still be noticeable, consider using Thompson’s WaterSeal to restore some of the color to the cut edges. Additionally, you can texture the stone to blend it seamlessly with the factory finish, creating a cohesive and natural look.

      By following these tips, you can navigate the challenges of working with Evolve Stone veneer in exceptional spaces and cuts. Whether dealing with angled ceilings, archways or visible cuts, these techniques ensure a professional and aesthetically pleasing result.

      First, imagine what an accent wall could add, then choose and install Evolve Stone to complete the vision.


      What is Evolve Stone, and what does it offer?

      Evolve Stone is a mortarless veneer offering a versatile solution for creating stunning accent walls, mimicking the appearance of authentic stone both indoors and outdoors.

      How can I draw inspiration for using Evolve Stone?

      Explore design elements, consider its natural look and texture, and look for inspiration from natural stone formations and various architectural styles.

      Where can I find inspiration for Evolve Stone projects?

      Pinterest, design magazines, and online platforms like Instagram showcase creative uses of Evolve Stone in accent walls.

      What materials do I need for Evolve Stone installation?

      Gather Evolve Stone products, a finish nailer or adhesive, appropriate substrate, and standard woodworking tools.

      What are the steps for installing Evolve Stone?

      Lay out stones, start installation following guidelines, make necessary cuts, tap stones with a hammer, and check alignment with a level.

      How do I deal with distinctive spaces and cuts when using Evolve Stone?

      For angled ceilings, create precise cuts matching the ceiling angle. For archways, craft templates and use a band saw for accurate cuts. To conceal visible cuts, strategically orient the stones or apply Thompson’s WaterSeal.

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