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    How to Install a Faux Stone Accent Wall with Evolve Stone

    Evolve Stone mortarless veneer siding how to install a faux stone accent wall
    In This Article
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      Discover how you can execute a DIY accent wall installation using Evolve Stone—the world’s first nailable, mortarless, color-throughout stone veneer! As a highly-workable and easy-to-install stone veneer, Evolve Stone is incredibly versatile and universally lends to any home’s style. Whether you’re looking to warm up an area or modernize it, Evolve Stone gives you the ability to transform an area completely. Overall, adding in a faux stone accent wall will provide a “wow” factor that easily adds character and value to a space.

      Materials You Will Need

      • A finish nailer and nails or adhesive/primer
      • An appropriate substrate
      • Standard woodworking tools
      • Evolve Stone product

      Accent Wall Installation Steps

      • Determine how much stone you need, adding 3% for waste

      stack of evolve stone boxes on table

      • Determine the substrate you are installing over and pick the appropriate attachment method (nails or adhesive over wood OR adhesive/primer over masonry/concrete)
      • Layout some stones on the floor so you can familiarize yourself with the style prior to attachment. See videos showing each style.

      close up of person laying stone veneer down on the grown to visualize pattern

      • Start installing Evolve Stone on your substrate

      man with yellow nailgun begins to install faux stone veneer onto wall

      • Make any cuts that are needed with your standard woodworking tools

      close up of person cutting evolve stone piece to size with saw

      • Tap stones with a hammer along the way to avoid any imperfections or make any adjustments

      close up of level above grey stone as person adjusts the veneer with their hands

      • Ensure to continually check your installation with a level
      • Enjoy your transformation

      Considerations for Interior vs. Exterior Installations

      When it comes to installing an accent wall, there are different requirements for interior and exterior applications. When working with an interior wall, you don’t need to worry about a WRB, Rainscreen, or stainless-steel fasteners. Exterior walls have more things to consider. Checkout our installation guide for details.

      Quick Installation Tips & Recommendations  

      Our installation guide is always a great starting place for key considerations when installing, but for some quick tips, we recommend making sure your substrate is appropriate and that you’re using the right adhesive/primer or finish nails. Additionally, you’ll want to use a level, laser level or chalk line to give yourself horizontal guidelines. If possible, try to avoid “winging it” or cutting any corners during installation—it’s best to take a look at the instructions. A unique step when installing Evolve Stone is deciding whether you’d like to install bottom-up or top-down. Unlike most systems, you’re not working against gravity, which allows more flexibility to start where it’s most visible, so you can hide your cuts. Lastly, we recommend watching pattern videos for tips and tricks—for the most part, the pattern will come out naturally but there are just a few things to keep in mind.

      Tips for Working with Unique Spaces/Cuts

      Angled Ceilings:

      When working with an angled ceiling, we recommend determining the angle of the ceiling you’re working with and setting that same angle on your saw.


      You can create a template out of cardboard or construction paper to use as a stencil and lay the stones face down in a nice, tight pattern and lay the template over the top of it. Then, trace the template onto the backs of the stones, number the stones and cut them with a band saw or multi-tool blade.

      close up of person adding a WaterSeal to stone

      Visible Cuts:

      Orient your stones in way that hides your cuts, for example, flip the cut edge to face the inside of the trim to ensure that it doesn’t stand out. If your cut will be highly visible, you can also use Thompson’s WaterSeal to bring back some of the color and you can also texture the stone to truly blend with the factory-finish.

      Stone Accent Wall Ideas

      Where to Install Evolve Stone

      With its versatility, you can install Evolve Stone in virtually any space; however, it is important to use caution around heat sources and to check the requirements of your local code. Also, it’s not recommended to install Evolve Stone in a shower or as backsplash in a high volume kitchen, as those are high-usage areas that are typically difficult to clean. For areas that work best with an Evolve Stone accent, we recommend spaces such as a kitchen island, a bathroom or bedroom accent wall or a fireplace in the living room.

      two seperate images of grey faux stone installed on the bottom of a kitchen island with blue stools and installed behind mounted tv and on fireplace

      We also encourage you to use your creativity and to think outside the box when installing Evolve Stone! You could even install around built-ins or shelving to add a level of intrigue. Playing with color also creates an interesting look—blending colors in a 50/50 or 80/20 ratio especially stand out. Although, while mixing colors is an excellent way to elevate a space, we don’t recommend mixing product styles.

      How to Find Inspiration

      Inspiration for your interior or exterior design can come in many ways. To elevate your home’s natural area, you can look up what stones are indigenous to you locally. Another great way to choose the color and style that work best for you is to consider the architectural style—for instance, our District View style is more modern, and our Georgetown Run is our most traditional style. You can also play up a specific focal point in or around your home. When gathering inspiration, using tools like a Pinterest board can really help you envision your ideal style.

      Feeling inspired? Now you’re set to start revolutionizing your space by nailing an accent wall install with Evolve Stone! In addition to our installation guide, we also discuss things to know about stone veneer installation on the blog, have a resource center full of videos, tips & tricks and an FAQ section, should you want to explore more opportunities to work with the Evolve Stone product. If you are using Evolve Stone for your project, feel free to tag us in your before and after photos on social, as we might end up featuring it!

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