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    How Evolve’s Nailable Stone Changed the Siding Game

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      History of Evolve Stone

      Did you know we were builders before we were ever manufacturers?

      Originally, we started our careers in building and have a rich background in residential estate construction. The struggles contractors face in finding high quality, easy to install, durable products that don’t have extended lead times is one we are very familiar with—we used to be on the other side of it. This is the very inspiration for developing an artificial stone product.

      In the early 2010’s, our owner was introduced to an alternative rock product which was used in theming, rock climbing and play structures, and taxidermy displays. The incredibly realistic faux stone was not only far superior cosmetically to other rock products, but also offered some superior physical properties that cement and plastic products just couldn’t compete with. These include some of the feature that Evolve Stone maintains today—lightweight, color throughout, and easy to install. He recognized the potential for a stone siding application and left his role in construction to begin developing the faux stone material into the stone siding Evolve offers today. In 2012, the company relaunched with three distinct divisions:

      • Custom – a continuation of the unique custom rock and replication work.
      • Playground – a natural themed playground equipment division focusing on rock climbing structures and boulders
      • Evolve Stone – high performance, easy to install stone cladding

      Through these different entities, Evolve has become the premier specialty manufacturer of the most realistic composite productions and reproductions of virtually any object. The specialty composite material has three decades of performance history in some of the harshest environments that allowed us to fine tune the material for peak performance. Our products are on display at renowned venues such as Cabela’s, Sea World, Royal Caribbean, and downtown Disney. This diverse portfolio of projects in theming and custom fabrication include some that have been installed:

      • Under water in aquarium applications
      • In hurricane and tropical storm hot spots, like Trinidad
      • In coastal areas with high UV exposure and salt spray
      • In areas that are prone to extremely cold temperatures, like New England and Canada
      • In desert climates

      While Evolve Stone’s mortarless stone veneer is relatively new to market, the material has an impressive history and has been thoroughly tested in both lab settings and real-world applications. As successful as we’ve been within the commercial sector, we knew our innovative solution would be a game-changer in the residential market. We wanted to ensure our stone would be different than the other manufactured stone veneer products out there, offering solutions to contractors’ issues with the current technology. We knew that bringing this easy to install product to market would turn heads, but the face-nail installation method alone wasn’t enough. We sought to develop a product that was outstanding in all aspects, but most of all in longevity and durability.

      The Evolve Difference: Physical Properties of our Patented Composite Material

      Durability without Fragility.
      Evolve Stone is incredibly durable. It can be cut and textured, but does not easily crack. It is less rigid than natural stone and cement based products, which are more prone to breakage. Other alternatives are made from plastics, which are too susceptible to movement due to temperature changes. For more technical details, visit our resources page.

      Moisture Impermeable.
      Unlike porous cementitious products, Evolve Stone is moisture impermeable. The product retains less than 1% water. The installation system is designed protect your substrate and reduce liability due to water intrusion. See our previous article for more details on water and drainage.

      Fully Colored Throughout
      The material is not painted or only colored at the surface, allowing you to cut and texture on site. If the product is ever accidentally chipped or damage, the same blend of colors will be below the surface.

      Workable and Easy to Install
      Workability is one of the top Evolve advantages. Scroll, dremel, cut, texture, miter your stone to whatever shape your job calls for without purchasing specialty tools. Evolve Stone cuts like soft wood with standard woodworking tools and installs with the ease of a finish nailer.

      How Having a Building Background has Shaped our Customer Service Processes 
      An incredible product is nothing without incredible service. When we started to form our customer service guidelines, we thought back on experiences from the building business, both good and bad.

      Having been in the construction industry, we know that lead times are everything. Delays cost your margins and readily available specialty products like stone siding can be hard to source. We are committing to keep our lead times at industry lows and exceeding customer expectations. Stone manufacturers in the US are averaging 6-8 week lead times on specialty orders, while Evolve is setting the bar at 1-3 weeks, helping contractors meet their clients’ needs faster.

      We know that no two jobs are the same when it comes to field conditions. Installation instructions can only cover so many scenarios. With a specialty product like ours, there’s bound to be job-specific methodology and installation questions. We have technical experts and individuals knowledgeable about building science available to take calls from installers to ensure their concerns are properly addressed.

      Commitment to Continuous Innovation

      We are proud of our reputation as leaders and innovators. As a young business, we continue to listen to our customers and installers to find new ways to improve and innovate. From streamlining manufacturing to create shorter lead times, to filming new resource videos to answer the questions of installers, we have never stopped thinking about how we can improve the customer experience.

      Evolve Stone is just that – always evolving, always improving.

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