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    Get Inspired With These Stone Accent Wall Ideas by Evolve Stone

    Evolve Stone mortarless veneer siding stone veneer accent wall ideas
    In This Article
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      Stone Accent Wall Ideas with Evolve Stone

      As an easy renovation product that adds lasting value and character to a home, manufactured stone veneer is rapidly growing in popularity and is one of the leading choices for designers and homeowners to use on interior accent walls. In fact, according to REMODELING magazine’s 2020 report, the most impactful return on investment when it comes to cost vs. value is manufactured stone veneer, especially in interior spaces.

      If you’re looking to do a simple DIY stone accent wall, consider using a faux stone product, like Evolve Stone. Evolve Stone is a highly-workable and easy-to-install stone veneer that is incredibly versatile and universally lends itself to complement any home style.


      Stone Accent Wall Ideas by Room

      Take a look at some ways in which you can incorporate a stone accent wall in your home using Evolve Stone with our room-by-room breakdown.


      Living Room

      Living room decorated with an evolve stone veneer accent wall
      Stone Style: Georgetown Run Stone Color: Kodiak Mine

      An interior rock accent wall is a great way to complete a space and draw the eye with a focal point, while truly opening up a room. As one of the coziest rooms in a home, the living room is an excellent space to add warmth and organic texture with stone veneer. It’s also one of the rooms you and your family spend time in the most, and often the room that greets guests first—making it the perfect spot to add some character.



      Kitchen bar with an accent wall made of Evolve Stone veneer
      Stone Style: Georgetown Run Stone Color: Dune Point

      In the room where senses are activated the most, why not create a treat for the eyes as well? A stone accent wall in a kitchen can easily make your home feel like you’re dining in a fine eatery. To add to the aesthetics, you can also use stone veneer on a kitchen island surround—complementing the stone accent wall and elevating an area for additional seating. It’s important to keep in mind that Evolve Stone can be installed as backsplash in a kitchen but can prove difficult to clean in heavy splash areas.



      bathroom interior featuring an accent wall made of stone veneer by Evolve Stone
      Stone Style: Capital Sky Stone Color: Kodiak Mine

      Create a tranquil bathroom with a stone accent wall using Evolve Stone. With our warmer color hues, you can easily bring out the natural tones in space for a serene, relaxing atmosphere to unwind in at the end of the day. Please note that it is not recommended to use Evolve Stone inside a shower, as its textured surface makes it difficult to clean and bathroom cleaners are not recommended to use on the stone veneer.



      bedroom interior featuring a stone veneer accent wall with Evolve Stone products
      Stone Style: National True Stone Color: Morning Aspen

      An interior stone accent wall makes for the perfect “wow” factor in a bedroom. Whether you’re going for a sleek and monochromatic look or a rustic, craftsman-inspired feel, Evolve Stone can bring your vision to life. We also encourage you to think outside of the box, like with this image above, where the accent wall stops on either side of the bedframe, perfectly centering the bed and elongating the look of the headboard.


      Entryway or Hallway

      home entryway decorated with a stone veneer accent wall by Evolve stone
      Stone Style: National True Stone Color: Phantom Shadow

      For spaces that can often get overlooked when decorating, such as stairwells, entryways and hallways, a stone veneer accent wall can be completely transforming. To see just how easy this DIY stone accent wall was to accomplish in just a day, take a look at our accent wall install video on our instructional video page.


      Stone Accent Wall Interior Design Tips

      With a wide range of color, texture and style options, stone veneer is becoming one of the top trends in interior design. Stone veneer’s texture and color-blending capabilities makes it easy to seamlessly pull the elements of a room together.



      From modern and contemporary to timeless and classic, Evolve Stone’s color offerings provide a range of hues that can complement any interior style and color scheme. Our colors Morning Aspen and Phantom shadow can lend to cooler palettes, while Dune Point and Kodiak Mine add warmth to a space. Plus, you can always get creative by blending colors with a 50/50 or 80/20 ratio for an extra level of intrigue.

      Dune Point
      Kodiak Mine
      Morning Aspen


      As a color-throughout product, Evolve Stone is texturable and customizable, which makes it perfect for unique cuts, especially around complicated areas like moldings, arches or obstructions. Its beautifully textured surface provides the look and feel of natural stone, while its lightweight nature makes it easy to install in an interior space.

      Evolve Stone pattern and color swatch style sheet
      Style & Color Swatches


      Ready to Get Started?

      Now that you’ve seen how stone veneer can completely transform a room, check out our recent blog to learn how to install a stone accent wall. To learn more about our distinct styles and exquisite color offerings, take a look at our product page or request a sample today!

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