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    Evolve Stone Wins IBS 2022 Best in Show Award

    Evolve Stone mortarless veneer siding ibs winner person installing with nail gun
    In This Article
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      WINCHESTER, Virginia – As the world’s first nailable, mortarless, color-throughout stone veneer, Evolve Stone ™ was awarded Best in Show for the NAHB International Builders’ Show ® (IBS). Evolve Stone was also awarded the Most Innovative Building Material Product of IBS.

      “Given the shortage of skilled masons, and the demand for realistic stone for both interior and exterior use, manufacturers have been scrambling to develop an authentic-looking, easy-to-install, jobsite-friendly ‘stone’ siding product. In my opinion, Evolve Stone checks all the boxes. It looks and feels like real stone. It is easily installable with a nail gun and finish nails. It cuts like wood and is impervious to moisture. A beautiful product that, provided the price is right and is readily available, will likely be a big hit. This is a true game-changing product,” an IBS panel judge, said.

      In the ninth annual Best of IBS ™ Awards from the National Association of Home Builders ® (NAHB), the panel of 24 independent judges received more than 200 entries for eight different categories. The winners of each category were chosen based on design, functionality and innovation.

      “What’s one word that could summarize this…how we got here. That one word is simply this: care. We have a group of people who truly, absolutely care,” Greg Fritz, CEO of Evolve Stone, said.

      Evolve Stone answers the need for a more efficient installation process with a highly workable, lightweight stone veneer product that installs up to 10X faster than natural stone and traditional stone veneer. Evolve Stone provides crews more flexibility and is DIY-friendly, as it doesn’t require specialty training, specialty tools, mortar or staging.

      “We truly took something to market from the perspective of the installer and the builder—from how the material works, all the way down to how it’s packaged. It’s the first face-nail stone in existence and we’re very, very proud of it,” Fritz, said.


      About Evolve Stone: Evolve Stone is the only mortarless, color-throughout manufactured stone veneer that installs with a standard finish nailer and delivers 10X faster installation and half the weight of other stone veneers. Driven by a passion for technology and innovation and a two-decade plus foundation in construction and building science, Evolve Stone is the future of decorative stone manufacturing. For more information or to download images, please visit www.evolvestone.com/news, email evolvepr@ermarketing.net or call us at 1-703-646-8090.


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