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    Installing a Stone Veneer Fireplace with Evolve Stone

    Evolve Stone mortarless veneer siding installing a stone veneer fireplace
    In This Article
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      Transform Your Space with a Stone Veneer Fireplace

      Looking for the perfect home improvement project? Installing stone veneer around a fireplace is a fantastic way to enhance both interior and exterior spaces, adding character and value to your home. Read on for installation and safety tips, the advantages of manufactured stone veneer, and inspiring design ideas.

      Stone Veneer Fireplace DIY Installation

      A DIY fireplace surround can easily be achieved with stone veneer, as it offers a versatile solution that complements home styles ranging from traditional to contemporary to everything in between.

      Can You Use Evolve Stone for a DIY Install?

      As a nailable, mortarless, color-throughout stone veneer, Evolve Stone is an extremely DIY-friendly product for fireplace installations. Depending on the complexity of your project, you can nail an Evolve Stone fireplace surround in as little as a day.

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      For fireplace installations, you will need to order our Class B fire-rated product. Each combination of our stone styles, colors and accessories is available in both non-rated and Class B fire-rated versions. When you place your order, be sure to specify if you need fire-rated products. While non-rated products are generally readily available, fire-rated products are made to order and may require additional lead time.

      Stone Veneer Fireplace Installation Safety Guidelines  

      First and foremost, it’s important to check with your local fire code for any special regulations before installing stone veneer around a fireplace. From there, you’ll want to make sure you don’t use the material inside the firebox or on the hearth.

      If the fireplace is open burning, a non-combustible material gap needs to be maintained. There are multiple companies on the market that make metal firebox trim kits specifically for this purpose. Evolve Stone can be installed behind a wood stove; however, to be compliant with building code, the stove should be 36” away from the stone face.

      Elevating game day, this outdoor fireplace is the perfect addition to a seated patio area with stone pattern National True in the color Phantom Shadow.

      Natural Stone vs. Manufactured Stone Veneer

      When deciding between natural stone and manufactured stone veneer for your fireplace installation, it’s essential to understand the significant differences in ease of installation, workability, and design possibilities. Each option has its unique attributes, and choosing the right one depends on your project needs and aesthetic preferences.

      With clean, modern lines, this stone veneer fireplace provides the perfect TV back drop with the stone pattern National True in the color Phantom Shadow.

      Ease of Installation

      Natural Stone:
      Installing natural stone can be a labor-intensive and time-consuming process. Natural stone is heavy, requiring additional structural support and careful handling during installation. The process often involves the use of mortar, lath, and special tools, which can be challenging for a DIY project. Professional installation is usually recommended to ensure the stone is properly set and secure.

      Manufactured Stone Veneer:
      Manufactured stone veneer, such as Evolve Stone, is designed to be much easier to install. It is lighter than natural stone, making it more manageable and reducing the need for additional structural support. Evolve Stone’s nailable and mortarless system simplifies the process, allowing for quick and straightforward installation. You can achieve professional results with basic woodworking tools, a finish nailer, and minimal experience.


      Natural Stone:
      Natural stone is known for its durability and timeless appeal, but it can be challenging to work with. Cutting and shaping natural stone requires specialized tools and skills, and the irregular shapes and sizes can make fitting pieces together a complex puzzle. This can result in longer installation times and higher costs.

      Manufactured Stone Veneer:
      Manufactured stone veneer offers superior workability compared to natural stone. Evolve Stone, for example, is engineered to cut like balsa wood, allowing for easy customization and fitting into intricate spaces. This makes it ideal for projects involving arches, intricate moldings, or areas with obstructions. The uniformity of manufactured stone ensures a more predictable and streamlined installation process.

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      Design Possibilities

      Natural Stone:
      Natural stone provides a unique, organic look that is difficult to replicate. Each piece has its own character, with variations in color, texture, and pattern that can create a stunning and one-of-a-kind appearance. However, these natural variations can also limit design flexibility, as matching and blending different stones can be challenging.

      Manufactured Stone Veneer:
      Manufactured stone veneer offers a wide range of design possibilities. Products like Evolve Stone come in various styles, colors, and textures, allowing for a customizable look that can mimic the appearance of natural stone or achieve a more contemporary aesthetic. The consistent quality and availability of manufactured stone make it easier to plan and execute a design vision. Additionally, color-throughout and texturable materials provide opportunities for creative touches, such as blending colors or adding custom finishes.

      Stone Veneer Fireplace Ideas & Tips

      Discover how you can elevate interior and exterior spaces with an Evolve Stone fireplace. Visit our products page to see the endless combinations our distinct stone patterns and exquisite colors offer.

      national true evolve stone veneer fireplace
      Mixing warmer neutrals with cooler tones, this living room features the stone pattern National True in the color Phantom Shadow on its fireplace surround.


      With Evolve Stone’s color-throughout and texturable material, you can truly get creative with your fireplace installation. Our colors range in hue from cool and sleek to warm and organic, offering something for virtually any home style.

      Plus, if you’re looking to truly add a “wow” factor to your fireplace, we recommend blending our colors with a 50/50 or 80/20 ratio.

      Warming things up and providing this living room with extra character and texture, this fireplace back drop features the stone pattern Capital Sky in the color Kodiak Mine.

      Stone Patterns

      Whether you’re looking for a more uniform, linear look or an offset, organic feel, our stone veneer patterns will complement your personal taste. Before starting your installation, we recommend laying out your stone’s pattern. For a more in-depth look at this process, visit our video page and select the dedicated stone style video to see the pattern come to life.

      Evolve Stone offers a plethora of color options & styles.


      What are the benefits of installing stone around a fireplace?

      Installing stone around a fireplace adds character, transforms the space, and increases the value of your home.

      Can I install a stone veneer fireplace myself?

      Yes, a DIY fireplace surround can be easily achieved with stone veneer, which suits various home styles.

      Is Evolve Stone suitable for DIY fireplace installations?

      Yes, Evolve Stone is a DIY-friendly product that can be installed in as little as a day.

      What should I check before installing stone veneer around a fireplace?

      Always check your local fire code for any special regulations before installation.

      What is the difference between natural stone and manufactured stone veneer?

      Manufactured stone veneer is easier to install, more workable, and offers more design possibilities than natural stone.

      What should I do before starting my stone veneer installation?

      Lay out your stone’s pattern before starting the installation to ensure a cohesive look.

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